Ways To Diagnose A Chest Freezer Which Doesn’t Cool As It Should!

Chest freezers are great for preserving those extra food components that don’t fit into your fridge freezer. But like every electronic unit, it is bound to malfunction at some point!

Now as much frustrating as it is to see your chest freezer malfunctions, there are ways to diagnose it so that your food wastage stays at a minimum.

“Fast Fridge Repairs”; your reliable experts for all sorts of fridge repairs in Auburn lays down some fixes to diagnose your chest freezer adequately.
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Inspect The Plug And The Outlet:-

The first thing you should do if you find your chest freezer not working at all is checking its electrical outlet. Remove the plug and insert something else like a digital clock, lamp or any other appliance to affirm if the outlet is the problem here.

If those other appliances work, then it could be due to some internal issue with your chest freezer unit.

Check The Compressor:-

One of the most crucial parts of your chest freezer is the compressor. It is the motor that powers the whole chest freezer system. You will find it present at the back of the freezer inside a plastic housing- mainly in the form of a football shape!

You can determine whether the compressor is broken or fine by a light humming sound closely followed by a click sound or silence. Now, if your freezer is within the warranty period; you can get the compressor replaced free of cost. But, even if it costs money, don’t neglect it, as the issue will only worsen with time and usage!

Examine The Relay Switch:-

Look to examine the relay switch that helps turn the compressor on. Being housed in a plastic box with motor terminals along with an overload protector, they are connected to the compressor.

Inspect the relay and ensure it is not burned out. You can use a multi-meter to conduct a continuity test on the relay terminals. Also, make sure that they don’t burn out!

Furthermore, if you come across signs that the relay has shorted- example- a rattling sound, then you will have to replace it immediately with the help of our commercial refrigeration experts serving your area.

Investigate The Thermostat:-

The thermostat is the backbone of the chest freezer and helps regulate the temperature within the freezer. You can use a screwdriver to separate the actual thermostat from within the walls without disconnecting the tube running from the freezer unit, right to the freezer!

Make it a point to set the scale on Rx1 on the multi-meter to test its continuity. If you find that the multi-tester reading continuity, then it implies that the issue lies elsewhere. However, if it reads no continuity, then it entails that the compressor will have to be replaced.

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