Smelling Freezer? Know How To Deal With It

Horrid odour upon opening the freezer door? Or ice cubes are testing strange? If so, it is the time to find out why the freezer is smelling bad or causing the unusual taste of the ice cubes to prevent future problems or prevent the smell from permeating the entire kitchen. And here are a few reasons why it is happening so-


  • Spoiled food: When the refrigerator and freezer are connected, the smell of the spoiled food in the refrigerator can travel to the freezer, and make it smelling. So, it is better to keep track of when you place the flood in the refrigerator and properly seal it in the container to prevent spoiling.
  • Icemaker: When you drink a glass of water filled with ice cubes from the ice maker in your freezer, and it tastes or smells something unusual, it indicates that the icemaker is the culprit. According to fridge repair expert in Sydney CBD, the bacteria form in the lines or along the walls of the icemaker and make the change causing unwanted tastes and smells. However, changing the filter or the icemaker sometimes can correct the problem or give a gentle cleaning inside the icemaker to prevent the smell from occurring.
  • Freezer burns: Commercially sold meats come in large packages that you may end up dividing and placing in a small container in the freezer. When you take a bag of steaks out and rimmed with ice crystals and slightly discoloured- this is the thing called freezer burn. This the problem that occurs when water molecules in the food dehydrate the area on the food. Even if there is no danger in consuming such food, it may cause an unwanted odour in the freezer besides altering the taste and texture of the food.

Prevention and cleaning: Prevention is better than cure, and here it comes the same when keeping the freezer smell fresh. What refrigerator repair experts in Penrith suggest is keep foods tightly wrapped in bags or container specifically made for the freezer. If there is any odour already developed, remove it with a thorough cleaning. If the food has spoilt, remove the food and wipe the shelves and sides of the freezer with warm water and vinegar. Did you know, placing an open box of baking soda in the freezer effectively works to absorb the offensive odours?

Lastly, if you find that the unit has been off for several days, it is possible that odour may have gone into the insulation part. If you find that the odour has penetrated the insulation, it will take a lot of effort to get it out. It may need an air compressor to blow air into this section of the unit. And if it is still not giving the solution, it might be the drippings from the meat or fish leaked into the insulation, and that is the problem that needs fridge Repair technician from Wetherill Park to remove the liner or replace the insulation.

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