Know Why Water Dispenser of Your Fridge is Not Working

In a number of side-by-side refrigerator model, there is a feature called water and ice dispenser, which is located on the front of the freezer section. There will be a small water and ice collection tray at the bottom to manage the overflow and small spills. The unit will have 2 glass-sized paddle controls one of which will work for ice and another of which will work for water. To dispense the water, glass is placed under the opening to collect the water. What if the water dispenser all of a sudden stop dispensing the water? What are the causes that make it happen and how to fix it- know the discourse here.
water dispenser of your fridge-is-not-working

 Line Valve:

It is important to make sure that the water line valve in the refrigerator wall is turned on. Normally, the use of a saddle valve is used to connect the fridge water supply line with the home water supply line. This valve needs to be completely opened, so the fridge can receive the water. Also, keep checking the water inlet valve at the back of your fridge. While pulling the fridge, it may bend, which can hinder the water flow, or sometimes it happens due to a frozen water line that restricts the flow of the water.

 Make Sure the Water Line is Purged:

Have you got your new fridge? Ensure the water lines have no air in it by pressing the water dispenser for 2 miutes. According to fridge repair professionals in Sydney, Just 2 minutes are enough to clear the air in the waterline.

 Check for the Voltage:

For this step, fridge repair in Manly use the voltmeter to check whether the electricity is running to the dispenser valve. Use of a nut driver or a socket can loosen the valve to check it properly.

 Faulty Micro Switch on Dispenser Lever:

A microswitch that controls dispensing can crack or become non-functioning. You can test with the meter for continuity.

 Clogged Water Filter:

The filter of your fridge can be located between the crisper drawers, or at the top right side or it could be at the rear of the fridge location. If there is a clogged water filter, it can slow down the water dripping from the dispenser. By changing the water filter can solve the issue. Moreover, fridge repair experts in Camperdown recommend changing the filters every 6 months.

 Defective Switch:

If the fridge water dispenser is not working, then the first thing you have to do is check the switch which is responsible to supply the water. If this is the glitch you can relate with the Westinghouse fridge problems, then call the professionals who can take the dispenser apart and troubleshoot the valve or switches in the dispenser.

 Constant Water Dripping:

If you find that your water dispenser is continuously dripping, then it is a problem with the water valve. Moreover, if the problem is a slight dribble of a few drops of water after using the dispenser, then it is a problem due to delay in the system.

Apart from these few glitches, you may face low water pressure problem, frozen water tube problem, or it could be a problem with the control board. Involving a professional and trusted fridge repair professional, you can address such issues with safety and accuracy.