Do’s and Don’ts of Defrosting that Helps Fridge to Function Well

Has the freezer compartment of your fridge turned into an ice age or an igloo? Do you think the accumulation of frost means your fridge is functioning well? Might not! It is for sure that the thermostat of your fridge might not be working correctly. But before fixing the issues of the thermostat, it is crucial to make sure that the freezer is defrosted.

Defrosting the fridge can look easy but sticking to some of the tips would ensure that the defrosting is done easier without causing further damage to the refrigerator. Here is the list of all the “do’s” and “don’ts” that are needed to be followed during the entire defrosting process.


Things to Do During Defrosting

Several elementary things are needed to be taken into consideration during the fridge defrosting. The following are some of them-

  • Proper Planning

Defrosting is not a minute task. It can take several hours. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the frozen edibles and the perishables are kept at a proper place before proceeding with the defrosting. Thus, proper storage is needed for the edibles.

  • Switch off the Refrigerator

For the proper and the best result, it is essential to make sure that there is no electrical connectivity. The fridge needs to be detached from the power source for a faster defrosting. Defrosting with opened door and keeping the power supply running leads to the reduction in the efficiency of the fridge and increment in the energy consumption. Experts say that doing so will attract professionals to do the fridge repair which was not needed.

Things to Avoid During Defrosting

Since the refrigerator is an electrical device, therefore several things are needed to be kept in mind to make sure that the unit keeps on functioning properly. The following are some of the enlisted items that are required to be avoided while defrosting-

  • Do Not Run the Fridge while Wet

After the defrosting is completed, it is necessary to make sure that the interior of the fridge is cleaned with a wet cloth. The technicians dealing with the fridge repairs in Bondi suggest that the fridge is switched on only after the interior is completely dry.

  • Do not use Sharp Objects to Extract Ice

Many people to save time use sharp objects to plunge out the present ice. Using the sharp objects can lead to the damage to the walls and the insulation of the unit. This might lead to the water seepage and ultimately damaging the interior packing of the fridge.

  • Do not Spill Water on Electrical Components

The electrical components are vulnerable to water spillage. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the entire defrosting process leaves behind no scars. The professionals repairing Westinghouse fridges suggest using all the possible methods to keep away the electrical units like the compressors away from water spillage.


The process of defrosting takes into consideration all the possible do’s and don’ts. For the effective result, periodic defrosting needs to be carried out. According to the professionals, improper ways of defrosting will make the unit non-functional adding to the investment. If a problem arises, contacting the trained technicians will solve the problems.