Your Check List for Air Conditioning Installation This Summer

Are you looking forward to installing another AC at your home to beat the heat this summer? Well, before you go ahead, you need to revise a few factors that you need to keep an eye on, during installation of the same.


It is pretty sure that the AC installation company that you opt for will make sure that the installation is flawless. Yet, it is your responsibility to be familiar with this checklist.

The Outdoor Unit Alignment Is Not Tilted


See whether the outdoor unit of the system is level, and its alignment is not tilted. This is crucial as it helps in an equal distribution of the lubricating oil to every nook and cranny of the compressor. Besides, an outdoor unit that is not properly aligned is an awful sight!

The Outdoor Unit Rests on a Platform


The outdoor unit should be placed under a concrete or hardened plastic slab that will provide support to the unit.

The Outdoor Unit Is Away From the Wall


Make the outdoor unit is at least a foot away from the wall. This ensures proper circulation of air through the condensing unit. Without an appropriate flow of air, there will be a higher operating pressure within the unit. This will cause a higher consumption of energy and result in higher depreciation of the device.

A Refrigerant Drier/filter Is Installed

AC filter

You need to guarantee that installation of air conditioning system at your Sydney house includes installation of a refrigerant drier or filter. The device resembles a cylindrical metallic can, which encircles the smaller refrigerant line.

The function of this device is to absorb all the moisture from the refrigerant system. Installation of the AC systems that we carry out at Fast Fridge Repairs always includes a refrigerant drier to make sure the entire operation is perfect.

No Scrap or Trash Is Left Back After Installation


You should ensure that the installer does not leave back any scrap or trash after the installation. These may be trivial issues, but they make the difference between an average and a quality AC installation company like Fast Fridge Repairs. The techies we are home to, will never leave these loopholes open.

An Electrical Disconnect Is Maintained


Make sure there is an electrical disconnect within three feet of the outdoor unit. This comes in handy during air conditioner repairs by Sydney companies, during maintenance and emergencies. In fact, it is one of the imperatives of any AC installation for safety and security reason.

Copper Lines Are Short


See if the installer makes sure the copper lines are as short as they can be. Usually, these copper lines should be equal to the size of connections.

If not, you need to ask the installer about the reason. The professional from a reputed company like us would always explain the reason vividly so that you are not left with any confusion whatsoever.

There Is a Proper Water Drainage Route


The main, as well as the emergency drainage from the indoor coil, should converge into the main drainage so as to prevent any accumulation of water.

Finally, once the installation is done with, a quality and reputed installer would run the system through an entire cooling cycle, for making sure the system is working correctly. They would also check the effective drop of temperature and the time the device takes to do so.

Ideally, it is done by measuring the air temperature in the main supply duct and then deducting it from the temperature of the air, which enters the air handler or the furnace.

This is the ideal way to evaluate an AC installation, and that is the way our installers work. Hence, if you are to make sure your AC is installed in a foolproof method, get in touch with us at Fast Fridge Repairs. We will ensure fool-proof AC installation.