3 Common Signs That You Have a Bad Refrigerator Thermostat

Is your refrigerator too old? Are you facing frequent troubles with your appliance? While you take regular care to keep other home appliances in a good working condition, refrigerator is often neglected due to the time taken in cleaning. With daily usage, your refrigerator becomes to prone to internal breakdowns and that is when you search for trusted commercial refrigeration repairs in Sydney to get rid out of the mess.

If you suddenly notice your food isn’t that cool as you expected it to be or the drinks smell bad, then it’s a major indication that the thermostat of your refrigerator has gone for a toss.
So how you know that your thermostat is broken or damaged? In this post, we have highlighted a few common signs that indicate your fridge is suffering from a faulty thermostat.

Your Fridge is Not Cool Enough

If you suddenly notice that your refrigerated food is not that cool as you expected it to be or the temperature inside your fridge is not appropriate, there might be a fault in the thermostat. The thermostat regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator to keep food and beverages chilled. To check the present condition of the thermostat of your refrigerator, you can raise a degree and wait for the machine to turn on automatically. If the thermostat fails to start, it might be there are some technical breakdowns inside your refrigerator.

Fridge Is Getting Unusually Cold

If you notice the food is getting frozen within the other compartments, then it’s an indication of a thermostat malfunction. In that case, it’s better to opt for refrigeration repairs near Sydney to replace the thermostat instead of fixing it on your own. Before you call the technicians at your place, you can test the thermostat with an appliance thermometer once again to check its present condition. As an alternative, you can increase the thermostat up to 2 degrees and wait for another day to see whether the food is freezing like before. If you don’t find any positive outcome, you need to replace the thermostat.

Fluctuation in Temperature Inside

Thermostat plays a vital role in maintaining a perfect temperature balance inside your refrigerator. The ideal temperature for keeping food and drinks cold usually is between 32F to 40 degree F. This is the recommended temperature balance that should prevail inside your fridge. A slight fluctuation in the temperature can spoil the food and lead to fungal growth. Consuming bacteria-infected food can lead to severe health issues, including diarrhoea and typhoid. Therefore, if you notice fungus or bacteria growth on your refrigerated food, delay no further to opt for commercial fridge repair near Sydney.

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